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I'm a traveller, I'm a food engineering student and I love a gastronomic experience. In this blog you will find my point of view about the places and food that I tried during my travels. Embark with me on this adventure!


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Last summer was an absolutely incredible experience for me. I had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of visiting Disney in Orlando, and it was simply sensational!

A hike to Crystal Lake was on my travel bucket list from way back. By no means an easy track, but definitely worth it. Due to the weather conditions we started our trip a little later than we wanted and we reached the lake at night. Watching stars reflect in the lake and rowing to the sleeping cabin is one of my best experiences yet.

After our adventurous night hike to the lake, we got to stay in this floating cabin for one whole weekend. It was so peaceful and refreshing. Even though rowing is hard work, it is really romantic and worth the effort. The early spring weather was definitely not good for a swim, but I just could not resist a quick dip.

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